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With over 30 years’ experience in martial arts and constantly evolving to meet the demands of multi discipline combat sports, Skyaxe provides tuition and training at the highest level.

Boasting large facilities which include; a fully equipped fitness studio, a dedicated strength and conditioning zone, multiple mixed bags, two permanently situation boxing rings, a large matted combat arena, and a plethora of kick-shields, focus pads and others, Skyaxe offers a multi disciple venue that's sure to fit your fitness needs.

Offering the highest levels of coaching for a wide variety of abilities and age groups.

Master Kean is an 7th Dan black belt whom, in his younger days, was a world class points, light continuous and full contact competitor. He has trained various World, European and Nation champions at all age groups and in various combat disciplines. This includes guiding his son Paul Kean whom became a three weight World kickboxing champion. Although Master Kean was forced to reduce his involvement due to multiple knee injuries he has evolved to become a true mentor guiding students and fighters alike.

The last few years have seen Master Keans' development in his son pay off with Paul Kean assuming more responsible roles. Now a professional boxer signed to MTK Scotland, Paul operates, trains and provides personal coaching from the facility, following in his father’s footsteps in bringing new advances within combat sports to Skyaxe and helping to develop tomorrow’s young fighters.

Skyaxe Combat and Fitness Centre - Combat CentreCombat Centre

Skyaxe Combat Centre offers a wide range of combat classes suitable for all levels and age groups. Open Mat sessions are available where various disciplines collide enhancing your all round performance as well as structured combat sports classes.

Skyaxe Combat and Fitness Centre - Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

Skyaxe Fitness Centre offers a fully equipped fitness studio that's sure to meet all your cardio as well as your strength and conditioning needs. Whether you prefer to workout in private or within group circuit session Skyaxe will help you maximize each workout.

Skyaxe Combat and Fitness Centre - Kickboxing Centre

Kickboxing Centre

Skyaxe Kickboxing Centre offers a full grading syllabus for both junior and adult students. Learn the art of respect, control and self-defence as well as giving your mind and body the physical and mental workout that keeps it healthy and strong.


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Get your kicks at Skyaxe Combat and Fitness Centre

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